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Organizer and Activist Resources: Resources for Environmental Events

Many groups around the country have produced outstanding materials. We are listing some of the best here, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If there is an Earth Day organization near you, check with them to see what exhibits, handouts and other materials they may have for you to use. When ordering, make checks payable to the group you are ordering from and be sure to include your shipping address and phone number in case of questions.

  • Hard copies of this manual, The Earth Day Organizer's Guide. Send a 9x12 self addressed stamped envelope with $3.00 postage on it to Earth Day Network, PO Box 9827, San Diego CA 92169-9827.Email earthday@earthdayspirit.org. Donations gratefully accepted (tax deductible).
  • The Campus Green Buying Guide is available from Green Seal 1250 23rd St. NW Ste. 275 Washington DC 20037-1101 (202)331-7337. This well-researched guide show how a campus can green their purchases. Includes detailed explanations of cost issues, sample environmental procurement statement and motivation for why green procurement makes a difference financially and environmentally and how-to introduce it on a campus. $20 or $12.50 for non-profits.
  • Interested in building support and a process for sustainability in your region? Order a copy of "Indicators of Sustainable Community" for $10 from Sustainable Seattle c/o Metrocenter YMCA, 909 Fourth Ave., Seattle WA 98104. It explains a very effective process and reports on the "indicators of sustainability" that each region can develop for itself.
  • Friends of the Future offers exhibits, fact sheets, and place mats for community organizers and teachers, on climate change($8), water($12), trees($8), and toxics($12). Can be handed out at events, used in classrooms, made into exhibits, and used on bulletin boards, service counters or reception tables where people wait. Place to add your own organization logo and local information. Ready to be photocopied. Convenient 8.5x11 size. Each kit contains place mat art, handouts and instructions on making inexpensive exhibits, * Non-toxic cleaning demonstration kit (how-to and recipes to use for handout) and instructions on how to assemble an Earth Day Maze with sample script and maze. $12 each packet. Friends of the Future, RR3 Box 250 Burnsville NC 28714-9312 (704)682-7331 prices include postage).
  • Crayon Power for kids ages 6-60. A coloring book, depicting environmental themes such as global warming or water conservation, has on the reverse side of every page the address of a decision-maker to whom the colored-in messages can be sent. This scheme introduces some of the major environmental problems of the world to very young children and gives them an opportunity to contribute to the solution. The book is drawn and produced by high school students at the High School for Environmental Studies. $5.95 (includes postage). Sizeable discounts to educators for class sets. Write Crayon Power at PO Box1006 Bloomfield, NJ 07003 and ask for "Think for the Earth, Act on Home Turf" or call 201-338-9575.
  • Heartland All Species Project offers three different fun and educational cassette tapes with accompanying song books and activities: Rot and Roll, cassette tape of 12 songs about composting and recycling and song book with activities. Also, In Tune with All Species, cassette tape and song book, illustrations and activities for each song, and Take Me to the Zoo. $12.50 each cassette, * Earth Day in Your School and Community: Working with the Earth, the Economy and the Environment . . . A Guide for Study and Celebration Creation. 120-page workbook for teachers and organizers $12.50, * Workbook on how to make masks and All Species Parade, $10 All available from Heartland All Species Project, 5644 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO 64110 (816)333-5663. (prices include postage and handling). * EnviroAccount: Environmental Awareness Software for DOS or Macintosh. Attention teachers, parents, environmentalists: a very easy to use software program that shows you your connections with the Earth. EnviroAccount does a comprehensive personal or family environmental audit plus environmental awareness training, generates a five page report that details all of one's environmental impacts, plus gives a final score and a rating. For educational or home use. Covered are: 1) Household Energy and Water, 2) Transportation, 3) Consumerism, 4) Waste, 5) Advocacy, and 6) Land Use and Family Planning. Includes extensive information and resources on each topic. Currently being used in over 100 schools nationwide. $49.95. For a free brochure or to order call 1-800-554-0317 or 916-756-9156. Institutional P.O.s accepted. Up to 80% discount for multiple copies. EnviroAccount Software, 605 Sunset Ct., Davis, CA 95616. Fax: 916-756-9156 E-mail: 74733.2054@com-puserve.com
  • "The Time Has Come" inspirational children's song and performance package. Includes cassette and instructions on how to produce for your local events. $25 from Earth Emerge and See 277 Hudson St., Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520. (914)534-3769.
  • Making Waves-How to Put on a Water Festival. $12; non-profits can request for complimentary copy. Also: brochure series on water quality issues, Water Cycle poster, and video curriculum series on water topics. Contact the Water Environment Federation, Public Education Department, 601 Wythe St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1994. Call 1-800-666-0206.
  • Education Resource Catalog. Published by the Alliance for Environmental Education, PO Box 369, The Plains, VA 22171. 703-253-5812. Includes information about: memberships, consulting services, public relations, fund-raising, media, databases, on-line services, catalogs, books, periodicals, newsletters, teaching kits, software, curricula, equipment, test kits, clothing, videos, movies, and other products, services or tools.
  • Outdoor Biology Instructional Strategies (OBIS) published by Delta Education, Inc. PO Box 915, Hudson, NH 03051-0915. 1-800-258-1302. OBIS is an outdoor program offering young people fun and educational opportunities to investigate ecological relationships in their local environment. Easy-to-follow and challenging activities may be done in independent modules or in a sequence. For children ages 10-15.
  • Set up a Recycling Olympics. You organize a series of games which involves the recycling of glass, paper, aluminum and other recyclables. Contact: Anita Comer, Greeley Earth Day, 3922 Golden St., Evans CO 80620 (303)339-5445.
  • Booklet on how to conduct an Ecothon, a walk-a-thon fund-raiser combined with a fair is available from Metro DC Environmental Network (METNET) 645 Morris Place NE, Washington, DC 20002 or call 202-544-5125. $10
  • Paint an educational Earth Day mural on a visible town building (enroll the building owner to sponsor!). You can hold a contest in local school or ask a local artist to paint it. Contact Earth Day Tampa Bay for more info: 2379 Broad St., Brooksville FL 34609.
  • Conserve and Renew. Curriculum designed for grades 4-6 and readily adaptable to other grades. An activity guide focusing on conservation and renewable energy sources. Twenty-three field-tested hands-on activities, teacher background information, student handouts, annotated guide to energy education resources. $12 made payable to SSU Academic Foundations to Conserve and Renew, Energy Center, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. 707-664-2577. Also, Eco clip art for educators, and energy education hypercard stack for Apple Macintosh users. $12 each.
  • Dedicated to improving the environmental quality of life through education. Published Literature and Curricula topics include: An Environmental Education Guide for Teachers, Tuning the Green Machine, An Integrated View of Environmental Systems, Water Pollution and Environmental Studies, Activites Guide to Populations and Environmental Studies, Activities Guide to Watershed Investigations, Waste Minimization and Education, Pollution Prevention, Practical Guide to Protecting Rural and Urban Land, The Nature Conservancy Student Stewardship Program Manuals. $14-$32 per book + $3 postage. Chadbourne & Chadbourne, Inc. 18554 Haskins Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 44023-1823. 216-543-7303 or 1-800-484-7949 "Dedicated to improving the environmental quality of life through education."
  • Ecology books from AMC Media Corp, 250 H St., Suite 729, Blaine, WA 98230. 1-800-667-6119. Good Planets are Hard to Find, $7. Ecology Action Workbook for Jr. and Sr. HS Students, $3. Kids Ecology Book, for grades 3, 4, & 5. $8. Bulk rates available on request.
  • Blooms Across America, is a patriotic theme program that empowers children to raise funds, beautify the community and increase government awareness. The core of the program is the Blooming Action Seed Kit. Kits contain packets of "patriotic seeds" - a mixture of red, white, and blue wildflowers and other garden favorites that will grow in most areas of the U.S. Children sell the fun kits for $5.00 and encourage purchasers to scatter seeds around mailboxes or along curbs so within weeks roadways are ablaze in red, white and blue. Purchasers are also encouraged to complete the Proaction Postcard that comes with the kit and mail it in to Washington D.C. to support government action to help the environment. Contact: Blooms Across America, P.O. Box 12926, Pittsburgh PA 15241 (412)835-1613.
  • Earth Day Resources, 116 Montgomery St., Suite 530, San Francisco, CA 94105. 415-496-5987 or 1-800-727-8619. Offers the following:
      * Fact sheet set #1: global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, tropical rainforest, pesticide, water conservation, tree planting, recycling. $4. * Fact sheet set #2: Agriculture, food choices, American forests, the automobile, energy, household hazards, composting and population growth. $4.
    • Planning and Organizing Your Environmental Event: $10.
    • Organizing Recycling in the Workplace, $12.
    • Organizing Ride-sharing in the Workplace, $12.
    • Earth Day 1990 lesson plans K-6 and 7-12, $8 each.
    • Campus Environmental Audit "thorough guide," $12.
    • Workplace Environmental Audit "brief guide," $5.
    • Grass Roots Earth Day Spring Clean Manual, $5.
    • Earth Day T-shirts, $10.
  • Projects for the Planet: How to Organize a Workplace Ride-sharing Program, $12 How to Organize a Workplace Recycling Program, $12

Energy resources

Rocky Mountain Institute
1739 Snowmass Creek Rd.
Snowmass, CO 81654-9199

American Wind Energy Association
122 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
2140 Shattuck Ave.
Suite 202
Berkeley, CA 94704 (510)549-9914
- or -
1001 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 801
Washington, DC 20036 (202)429-8873
Other Useful Resources

Keep America Beautiful
Washington Square
1010 Washington Boulevard
Stamford, CT. 06901

Union of Concerned Scientists
Two Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02238-9105
Environmental Hazards Management
Institute (toxics)
10 Newmarket Rd.
PO Box 932
Durham, NH 03824

Water Environment Federation
601 Wythe St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-1994

Center for Marine Conservation
1725 Desales St., NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036

Earth Island Institute
300 Broadway Ste 28
San Francisco CA CA 94133

Sierra Club
730 Polk Street
San Francisco CA 94109

Zero Population Growth (ZPG)
1400 Sixteenth St. NW, Suite 320
Washington DC 20036

Carrying Capacity Network
2000 P Street NW Ste240
Washington DC 20036

National Audubon Society
700 Broadway
New York NY 10003

Conservation International
1015 18th St NW Ste. 1000
Washington DC 20036

Youth Resources

TREE Musketeers
136 Main Street Ste A
El Segundo CA 90245

To bring about environmental improvement through their own actions and by their example to challenge other young people and businesses to join the youth environmental movement. Programs include:
World Youth Summits
Trees Around the World
Global Sister Communities

Kids for a Clean Environment
PO Box 158254
Nashville, TN 37215

Grass roots youth organization started by a child for children. Programs include:
Kids Town Hall Meetings
Kids Earth Flag

Earth Force, project of the Pew Charitable Trust
1501 Wilson Blvd. 12th floor
Arlington VA 22209
"Pennies for the Planet" Campaign.

Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)
706 Frederick Street
Santa Cruz CA 95062

Contact your local chapter of the American Lung Association for a variety of free stuff about clean air and air pollution. Check your local phone book.

The National Wildlife Federation has special youth publications and Earth Day Wildlife curricula. 1400 Sixteenth St., NW Washington DC 20036-2266 (202)797-6800

The Cousteau Society has a Dolphin Club with special comics and games related to oceans. 870 Greenbriar Circle Suite 402 Chesapeake VA (804)523-9335.

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